The BattleEdit

Baseball Boy: …Now, if you hold the ball like this, you can throw a-

Roy: Shut up! We're on, look mad!

Ludwig: I shall incinerate you!

Baseball Boy: Not until I whiff you!

Birdo: …Guys.

Roy: Welcome to the Arena, for an incredible match in which I will win! I now turn the floor over to our announcers today, Kamek and Pokey.

Kamek: Thank you, it's an honor!

Pokey: Hi.

Kamek: Today we have an incredible match in store for you.

Pokey: There are four fighters.

Kamek: …Let's introduce them! In the Red Corner, he's the first one to reach this round, the All-Mighty Roy Koopa!

Roy: That's all-powerful, but you were right about the rest. I'll be the first to reach the next round too!

Pokey: Here's Baseball Boy.

Baseball Boy: I've been practicing in the off-season, and my arm's never been better!

Kamek: He's smarter than Einstein, and he's in the Yellow Corner. Give it up for Ludwig von Koopa!

Ludwig: I calculate that I can not be defeated.

Pokey: Birdo is last.

Birdo: Last is the best, and third is the one with hair on the chest!

Ludwig: Hey!

Kamek: Our referree tonight is… Roy?

Roy: Yeah! And anyone who has a problem with that can speak to A and B!

Kamek: Who are A and B?

Roy raises his fists.

Kamek: Ah.

Pokey: Let's go to Larry.

Larry: Well, everyone laughed at me when I guessed Birdo last week, but I was right and I saved Kolorado, so who's laughing now?

Kamek: Actually, no one's laughing, and Kolorado got zapped anyway.

Larry: Yeah, but… shut up! Now tonight, I expect that Roy will win. He is the strongest of the four out there, plus his being the referree has got to give him an advantage.

Pokey: Maybe.

Kamek: Well put Larry! Our spectator in danger tonight is… Valentina!

Valentina: Huh? Well of all the rude things!

Luigi: Ouch! My ears!

Valentina: Oh! You!

Pokey: It's time to fight.

Roy: Yes, it is. Ok, we start on my mark.

Baseball Boy: Is this gonna be a fair fight? Because otherwise I'll use spitballs.

Birdo: Eww!

Roy: Oh, it wil be a fair fight, alRIGHT!

Kamek: Roy abrubtly dashes out of his corner and smashes his full weight towards the Green Corner. Baseball Boy is blasted out of the ring!

Pokey: Is that allowed?

Kamek: I have no idea, but that speed blur was a really incredible orange.

Birdo: You cheated!

Roy: Yeah, and?

Ludwig: You have gone too far, Roy! Just because you own this place doesn't mean you can cheat.

Roy: Oh, I'm sorry, I'll fight fair… not!

Pokey: Roy charges Ludwig and is blocked.

Kamek: That's right, because Ludwig is massive enough to absorb Roy's charge. The two brothers are in the middle of the ring fighting for ground.

Roy: You… will… fall!

Ludwig: I can sustain myself as long as you can.

Pokey: Birdo is away from the fray.

Kamek: And so not much action seems to be happening. What the?! Roy suddenly jumped back from Ludwig!

Pokey: Ludwig fell to the floor.

Kamek: Roy slammed the ground and sent Ludwig outta there!

Roy: Cianara! That was easy enough.

Birdo: Floosh!

Roy: Ow! I'm on fire! I'm burning! Owhoyeow!

Pokey: Haha! Birdo flamed Roy.

Kamek: This could be it! I don't see any water for Roy to douse himself in!

Pokey: It's over.

Roy has bounced out of the ring and is disintegrating. But before he is gone, he lands on a certain button…

Valentina: Blagadiblagadiblagadiblagadiblagadiblagadiblag! End transmission!

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