Roy Koopa is one of my brothers, a Koopaling. For more information, go here.


Roy Koopa is the third oldest Koopaling,suprisingly being beat out by Lemmy (Ha! Take that brother!), and, not suprisingly, Ludwig. He is the hothead of the bunch, and, if you've been checking out Mario Bros in general, you know that he's STRONG! He can punch buildings down, and his very FOOTSTEPS can cause earthquakes! Even if he is a bully, I still respect him nontheless. 

But, unfortunatey, he still is the family bully, taking nearly every oppritunity to shove me, jab me, swilrle me- You name it, he's got a painful way to do it. And we've all suffered due to this. All in all, however, he's still a good sibling, and isn't overly terrible.




Roy's Sports HallEdit

You were probably expecting this. Roy, judging by the name, is the founder and operator of Roy's Sports Hall, running the place with an iron fist and beating up anyone opposing him, and has managed to cling to a tough 5-5 record.  He's appeared in the ring in Seasons 1, 9, and appeared in the Season 10 tournament via wildcard match.

He's also appeared in three non-regulation matches against non-Mario characters, winning all 3.

Season 1 Notable AppearancesEdit

Did Not AppearEdit

Season 2 Notable AppearancesEdit

  • Roy vs. Culex (fighter)
  • Bandit vs. Shy Guy (announcer; referee)
  • Zeus Guy vs. Hippopo (referee)

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