The BattleEdit

Pokey: Roy is not here today. I will be the announcer and the ref.

Peach: This is going to be one boring battle!

Pokey: Our contestants tonight are champion Rocky Wrench and challenger Boomerang Bro.

Mario: Zzz…

Pokey: Please welcome our analyst.

Luigi: Huh?

Larry: Hi! I'll be analyzing the battles, ya know, giving my view on who should win.

Pokey: Who do you think will win?

Larry: All the odds go to Rocky, since Boomerang has his feet tied to the floor.

Pokey: Let's welcome our battlers. Fight.

Rocky Wrench throws a wrench, but Boomerang Bro throws two boomerangs. The first deflects the wrench and the second decapitiates the mole-like turtle.

Pokey: Stop.

Audience: …That's it?!

Pokey: Yes.

Larry: Well, that battle surprised me! I may have been wrong about the outcome of the battle, but I did guess that the battle would be short.

Pokey: Why?

Larry: Roy didn't have much time to manage the battle since Lemmy was busy trying to manage without a server.

Pokey: Ok.

Larry: Honestly, they shouldn't even post this battle. There's no dialogue.

Pokey: Ok.

Larry: Roy is conveniently missing, and we haven't even gotten around to discussing who will be here next week.

Pokey: Ok.

Larry: I could have done better.

Pokey: Ok!

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