The BattleEdit

Thwimp: Well well well, it seems that one of Roy's many fans thinks that this is going to be a boring battle. What do we think of that?

Muncher: Chomp chomp!

Jelectro: Bzz!

Roy: I'll kill him!

Koopa Troopa: Uh wuh?

Larry: I expect that he will be killed.

Thwimp: You are in Roy's Boxing Arena and I am Thwimp, your not wimpy host. Today, our contestants are…

Thwimp makes a drumroll by bouncing up and down quickly.

Thwimp: In the Blue Corner, it's Jelectro. He's an invincible, immobile minion from Super Mario Bros. 3. And in the Red Corner, it's Muncher. He's an invincible, immobile minion from Super Mario Bros. 3. Fighters?

Jelectro: Bzz!

Muncher: Chomp chomp!

Thwimp: Now I guess I have to let Larry speak.

Larry: Yes, well my analysis determined that the two opponents are level with each other. It should be a good battle and it's hard for me to make any guess. I'm gonna have to go with Muncher because, as a plant, it should be kinda resistant to Jelectro's electricity.

Thwimp: Fascinating... not! Our spectator to get zapped this week is Lil Cheep Cheep.

Lil Cheep Cheep: What?! Um, um… I'm not Lil Cheep Cheep, I'm Paul!

Thwimp: Yeah… no. Well time to battle.

Koopa Troopa: Wuh… zzz…

Thwimp: Fight!… Hm… well, not much is happening… I see a lot of frantic chewing from Muncher, and Jelectro is flashing real fast, but neither opponent seems to want to make the first move.

Jelectro: Bzz!

Muncher: Chomp chomp!

Jelectro: Bzz bzz!

Muncher: Chomp!

Thwimp: …Ok, the fan that saw a lame battle coming wins a cookie.

The battle lasts until darkness. Finally, Muncher blends into the dark but Jelectro can still be seen.

Koopa Troopa: *snort snort* Huh? Oh, end the battle!

Thwimp: Why?

Koopa Troopa: I can't see Muncher, so he must have lost.

Thwimp: Well Jelectro wins somehow. That's bad news for Lil Cheep Cheep.

Roy: I'll say! (I love my life.)

Lil Cheep Cheep: Blagadiblagadiblagadiblagadiblag! End transmission!

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