The BattleEdit

Roy: We're broadcasting live, right into the rock mines, so you slaves can work and watch the fight at the same time!

Luigi: Well, that was certainly very thoughtful.

Sledge Bro: Get back to work, slacker!

Luigi: Owch! Hey, Mario's not working!

Sledge Bro: He's not slacking, he's sleeping.

Roy: This week I don't feel like looking for a new announcer, so I'll look for a new ref instead.

Princess Peach: This is so stupid! Roy is always the ref anyway.

Sumo Bro: Fresh girl must pay!

Sumo hauls Peach away.

Ludwig: I think the prologue to this fight has run long enough.

Roy: All right, Dodo, start us off.

Dodo: Start what?

Roy: The fight.

Dodo: Who's fighting?

Roy: It doesn't matter to you, just start it.

Dodo: Huh?

Roy: The fight, Dodo.

Dodo: Me no want fight!

Roy: You're not fighting!

Dodo: Yeah, but me who?

Hours later…

Dodo: OH! Ok, um… what am I supposed to say?

Roy: GO! Uh oh, Ludwig is asleep, and Gunyoke fell over.

Ludwig: I am not dormant! I am absolving my tensions because the battle is over. Due to a hydrolic attack that my opponent was planning while awaiting the long-postponed start of this match, ferrous oxide formed and the machine is no longer able to function.

Roy: Sounds good to me.

Ludwig: I suppose I will challenge Dr. Freezegood, because his degree in medicine is flawed at best.

Dodo: Zzz…

Roy: Oh yeah, forgot you were here. Back to your cell, Dodo.

Since Dodo isn't moving, guards come and haul Dodo away.

Ludwig: You are surprisingly nonchalant tonight.

Roy: I'm saving up some much needed energy for a big battle that will be in two weeks.

Ludwig: To what do you refer?

Roy: Nevermind that, just tell Larry I want to talk to him if you see him.

Ludwig: I expect that he will be anticipating a beating from you.

Roy: Whatever, but if he doesn't come, I'll beat him. I have to get a background check.

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