Larry Koopa is one of my brothers, a Koopaling. For more information, go here.


Aside from Bowser Jr, Larry is the youngest sibling of us all. He has tall blue hair (which is so tall it gets stuck in everything) and is extremely into stealth, cheating, video games (like Larry Koopa: Zombie Heartbreaker), love (particularly with Zombies), what have you. We don't really talk much, but he's really nice, and doesn't really seem to be into the whole evil thing or fighting people. Rather, he's BEATEN by people (like Roy "Crusher" Koopa and sometimes even Morton, on a bad enough day) relentelessy. He really lacks special combat prowess, which is the reason he's usually the first one to be fought in our adventures. (Sometimes, he's actually the last one fought, and he really unleashes the pain then).

In my land, he runs the Bios section. He's also one of the main characters of Roy's Sports Hall. There, he analyzes the fighters. In spite of even correct guesses, he usually gets zapped in the electric chair or thrown into some other kind of trouble. In Season 1 and part of Season 2, if he got a wrong guess, the Tourist of the Week would get zapped instead. After he was immediately beaten in Season 3, he returned to the ring 3 seasons later to become the Season 6 champion, beating Shadow Mario in a close match that was in Shadow Mario's favor for the vast majority of the battle. Old habits die hard, as he got zapped afterwards. Poor guy.

Right up to the end of the Sports Hall, he was in control of it due to Roy still being in the hospital after getting beaten to near death by Mr L.




Roy's Sports HallEdit

Season 1Edit

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