Thwimp: Oor! Time for a battle! I, your not wimpy host Thwimp, am ready for the most exciting battle ever.

Larry: You're not gonna get it. Folks, you might want to leave right now.

Thwimp: Quiet, you wimp! Welcome all to Roy's Boxing Arena. I'm Thwimp-

Larry: And I'm Larry-

Roy: And I'm Roy-

Koopa Troopa: Spz-

Mario: I'm-a Mario!

Thwimp: EEEK! Er, uh, I mean… let's meet our opponents!

Larry: Why don't we just start the battle?

Thwimp: Quiet! In the Blue Corner, weighing in at an ounce or so and with a temperature of 10,000 degrees Koopenheit, he comes from Mario 2, it's Spark.

Spark: I'm gonna make things hot for you!

Thwimp: And in the Red Corner, our champion going for his third win, it's Jelectro!

Jelectro: Bzz! Bzz!

Thwimp: Boo Jelectro! We can't let him win now, can we Larry?

Larry: Well, Thwimp, I refuse to make a prediction this time.

Thwimp: Don't have a clue?

Larry: Well, you see, Jelectro can't move at all. Sparky can only move around the ropes. Even if he gets near to Jelectro, Jelectro won't take damage since he's invincible, and they will never collide unless there is some kind of really powerful interference.

Thwimp: So…?

Larry: So the winner is going to be whoever Roy decides, and I am not about to try to rationalize him.

Roy: Hey! I'm very rational! (When I want to be…)

Thwimp: Well then, I guess we'll be zapping the tourist of the week this time, and it's Crazy Packers Fan!

Crazy Packers Fan: What? No- hey! Change the script! Aw… it's all that script writer's fault!

Roy: Since Larry can't be right today, let's zap him now!

Crazy Packers Fan: Hey wait a-


Crazy Packers Fan: BlagadiblagadiblagadiblagadiblagadiAAH! End transmission!

Roy: Don't you dare!

Thwimp: Whatever. Now, to battle!

Koopa Troopa: I'm a silly looniebird!

Thwimp: And they're off! Jelectro isn't moving and Spark is traveling the ropes and… uh, Larry, why the death stare?

Larry: I told you so!

Thwimp: Quiet! Ah, now Spark is passing very close to Jelectro and… well, uh, nothing happened.


Thwimp: …Wanna go watch a movie.

Larry: Ok. We'll sneak through my "personal entrance".

Sometime later…

Thwimp: Yup, everything is the same way it was before.

Roy: Enough of this! Since Jelectro is invincible and would win if they did collide, I'm declaring him the winner.

Larry: See?!

Thwimp: Now wait a second! That's his third week… this can't be! It's an outrage!

Roy: Why do you care?

Thwimp: Cuz now he's supposed to announce! He can't even talk! And… I want to announce! WAH!

Roy: Tough noogies.

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