Eerie vs. Hot Foot


Season 1
Round 1
Section 3
Battle 20






Hot Foot

Next Battle

Hot Foot vs. Crazee Dayzee

Previous Battle

Big Boo vs. Eerie

This is the twentieth battle in Season 1.

The Boxing Match-UpEdit

The Red Corner

Eerie: The only thing eerie here is that he somehow managed to win last week.

The Green Corner
The Yellow Corner The Blue Corner

Hot Foot: This guy's hot! Hot! Hot!

The BattleEdit

Pokey: Hi.

Kamek: Oh, come on!

Roy: Shuddap! I told you to be quiet!

Kamek: But why?

Roy: I like Pokey's style better. Plus, Morton is going to be in the stands today, and I don't want him getting any ideas.

Pokey: Yeah.

Roy: Shh! Here he comes now!

Morton enters the Arena and takes his seat. There is no one anywhere near him.

Roy: Morton is costing me lots of business! Oh well, I'll take it from his allowance.

Hot Foot: Are we going to fight sometime today?

Eerie: Yeah, let's fight!

Pokey: Eerie vs Hot Foot.

Kamek: I'm not starting it!

Roy: Kamek!

Kamek: Nope.

Roy: Fine, fight!

Hot Foot: I'm ready for ya!

Eerie: No way!

Roy: Shh! No talking!

Mario: Woohoo!


Pokey: They are fighting. Hot Foot is-

Roy: I said quiet!

Kamek: This is going to be a loong night...

Pokey: Hot Foot is burning. Eerie is screaming silently. Now Roy is disqualifying Eerie for shouting anyway. Hot Foot wins.

Kamek: Hot Foot wins!

Morton: He did? I didn't hear anything! This stinks! This is terrible! I'm not coming back, and neither are any of the people I sent here, because this stadium stinks, is bad, and is also lousy, and that is why I will never be coming back, because if I did come back then I would be subject once again to the lousy conditions of this Arena, which are worse than the conditions of any other place, which is why I would much rather go there than here, since the conditions there will certainly be much less lousy than they are here as a result of the fact that I could not hear anything and hardly see anything either, which made the conditions here lousy.

Roy: …Kamek! Pokey! You're fired!

Kamek: NO!

Pokey: Oh.

Roy: Grr, it will take me days to get this ringing out of my head! Hot Foot, choose an opponent, and be quiet about it!

Hot Foot: I'm gonna burn Crazee Dayzee next week!

Roy: Ugh, fine.

Pokey: The e-

Roy: Get out!

Kamek: This is the last time I help him out…

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