The BattleEdit

Pokey: Hi. Roy is the referee. Doctor Freezegood and Rocky Wrench are fighting. Watch.

Roy: Well put!

Doctor Freezegood: But call me DocFriz!

Pokey: Where is Rocky?

Roy: Eh? I guess Rocky wins because I like him best.

DocFriz: Eh eh, it doesn't work that way! I'm sitting on him so he can't come up!

Roy: What? That's cheating, because you are not in your corner! Roy: You lose.

DocFriz: Aw, you are just no fun!

Pokey: Rocky Wrench wins.

Roy: It's just as well that Rocky can't talk now, because he would want to choose a challenger. He can't because it's time for a special battle! Ok, see ya next week!

Pokey: Bye.

DocFriz: …This was the lamest battle ever!

Roy: OUT!

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