The BattleEdit

An explosion goes off as the camera comes into focus.

Roy: Welcome! Due to technical difficulties we regret that you have only been able to join us midway into the fight.

A glance into the ring tells part of the tale. The contents of the ring include a kid with crazy hair, a snowman, several scattered petals, and a bent and charred metal lid.

Roy: It's too bad, you missed a really great battle. Crazee Dayzee was wailing on Rocky Wrench, who did not seem to care for her whippings. He tried to avoid the attack by ducking into the floor, but Crazee Dayzee followed and at the same time avoided a fireball that Ludwig shot off. The fireball hit Pokey instead… he had been the announcer earlier. Crazee Dayzee absorbed all of Rocky's power and defeated him but was caught unaware by an icy punch from the doctor. That's where we are now.

Ludwig: May we continue?

Roy: Sure, go ahead!

DocFriz: Hello Ludwig! It seems this kind of situation has happened before… without the petals scattered around, I mean.

Ludwig: I do not recall this prior occurance! Bring it on!

Roy: The doctor throws some needles at Ludwig, but he skillfully avoids them all. He's rushing the doc but he misses and falls the floor.

Ludwig: Ow! I cut my knee!

DocFriz: Ooh, that's too bad! Let me fix that up for you…

Roy: Pop quiz! Mario! What happened the last time the doctor said he would heal Ludwig?

Mario: Zzz…


Mario: Three!

Roy: …Well, back to the action. The doc has taken out his medical kit and is bending over the wound- and Ludwig has grabbed him and put him in a headlock! He's opening his mouth and breathing some fire! Um… roast snowman, anyone?

DocFriz: Ailment… unknown… ugh.

Ludwig: I am victorious!

Roy: Well well, a surprise fix of the past! Ludwig advances to round three, in which he will have no chance. Meanwhile, Rocky Wrench has some more battling to do, if we can ever find what happened to his bruised and battered body.

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