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Blue Boo


Lord Wilco


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The eleventh Captions contest features Goomba, Boo and Rob-omb playing a Mario trading card game with Poker chips.


Blue indicates the first prize winner.

Yellow indicates a good prize winner.

Blue Boo: Goomba: Are you sure those cards tell me to eat all the chips?

Lord Wilco: Rob-omb: Nooo! Rocky Wrench, Chomp, and even me are now listed as Pokémon! Oh the horror!

Robb: Goomba: If you think this is gross, wait 'til you see where I keep my cards!


  • Lord Wilco
  • Wooster
    • Just when Goomba thought his game couldn't get any worse, Rob-omb drew the Bowser Card.
    • Once BooJangles played the Bingo card, Goomba tried to eat his chips.
    • The true masterminds behind Bowser's evil schemes.
    • Chips and Dips
  • Ludwig 222
    • Goomba: Rob-omb, should I open Goomba's Greedy Gala again?
    • Goomba: Mmm… This stuff tastes good!
  • Krystal Koopa
    • Little did Goomba know that Rob-omb was really a Pokémon Card Game Fan in disguise.
  • Blue Boo
    • Goomba: Are you sure those cards tell me to eat all the chips?
  • luigi-fan
    • Goomba: Yum yum… These chips are good!
    • Rob-omb: I put my Chain Chomp in defense mode!
    • Rob-omb: GO! BOB-OMB!
  • Ara
    • Goomba: Um, we are going to get zapped.
    • Person not seen: And that is how you play Pokémon with Mario bad guy pictures and learn a code at the same time!
    • Goomba: You told me these were cheese!
    • Rob-omb: You know, you have a droopy eye.
    • Mario is hidden in the closet behind the enemies, waiting to attack, though right now he's eating cheese and fixing his overall button.
    • Announcer: What does Goomba see? Is that really a Rob-omb? Find out next time on Goomba's Great adventures!
    • Goomba: You cursed my eyebrows?!
  • Lil Miss Game & Watch
    • Goomba: These chips don't taste very good.
    • Rob-omb: King me!
    • Rob-omb: Hey, what's that thing up there about to fall on us?
    • Goomba: You didn't have to punch me!
  • Mark P.
    • No wonder the Goomba's tongue was so green…
    • Goomba: Play another Minion, and I'll bet all my gumdrops on this!
    • Boo on left side: Is THIS supposed to be a pixie stick, or what?
    • While the two clerks weren't watching and were fiddling around with gumdrops, soda, and pixie sticks, Rob-omb stole the rest of the clerk's deck cards and ran away unscathed.
    • Goomba: Since you're new to this game, Rob-omb, I'll go easy on you so you don't explode when you lose, okay?
    • Boo: GUMDROPS AS TOKENS? Oh, come on! The winner would actually eat them all anyway!
    • And the bomb ran away with the cards…
    • Goomba: I'm watchin' ya, Rob-omb, I'm watching ya…
    • Roy: (watching security camera) So that's where my Pog Caps went!
    • Lemmy: (viewing monitor) If Rob-omb wins this match, I'll take my deck back for sure…
  • Robb
    • Goomba: Ugh, don't eat these so-called "chips"!
    • Rob-omb: You KNOW I don't have pockets!!!
    • "Goomba: If you think this is gross, wait 'til you see where I keep my cards!
  • Bobbie
    • Goomba: Well, they WEREN'T green when I swallowed them!
    • Rob-omb: You lost, pal, cough it up!
    • Rob-omb: Take three and call me in the morning. NEXT!
  • Kooshi
    • Nintendo's running out of ideas for new Pokémon.
  • Bombette
    • Rob-omb: Goomba, just because they're called chips does not mean you're supposed to eat them.
  • Terry
    • Goomba: Ooh, I feel sick, that's the tenth time I've lost.
  • Crazykoopa
    • Goomba: Eh… got any 3s?
  • Introbulus
    • Goomba: Mmm, lemon-flavored chips…
  • Dark Magician
  • Todd
    • A Goomba and a Rob-omb playing the new game, "Mariomon".
    • Goomba: Are you sure those are real cards?
    • Rob-omb: Sorry, these worthless, counterfeit cards are unacceptable.

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