The BattleEdit

Kamek: Good evening! Since Birdo is in the ring tonight, Roy was stuck in a corner and had to invite the original crew back. Say hello Pokey!

Pokey: …Hi.

Kamek: Very good then, but Roy will be judging, which means we have two announcers tonight!

Pokey: Wow.

Kamek: Indeed. Let's meet our contestants! Pokey?

Pokey: In the Red Corner, Boomerang Bro.

Kamek: Oh come on, you can do better than that! Say it like this! In the Green Corner, weighing 150 pounds, a three-time champion, give it up for Hammer Bro!

Pokey: Too wordy. Birdo's in the Yellow Corner.

Kamek: You dare to even call that an introduction? And let's not forget the Lord of the Sky, because Lakitu, the most recent champion, is in the Blue Corner!

Roy: You idiots! Can't you at least do it the same way?

Pokey: No.

Kamek: Not a chance, because we are just too different.

Pokey: Here's Larry.

Kamek: No! Before you introduce Larry, you have to name the spectator of the week! Duh, everyone knows that.

Pokey: Oh… it's seat ILUVROY.

Kolorado: Oh no! Do save me!

Larry: Hey! Ok, I admit that I may have guessed wrong a lot in the past, but tonight I'm sure!

Kamek: Who have you predicted for tonight, Larry?

Larry: Well, after carefully measuring the odds, the angles, and the bribes, I have decided that only Birdo can win.

Kamek: Birdo?! You gotta be kidding me! She hasn't got a chance!

Pokey: That's he… and he could win.

Larry: Yup, and that's what's going to happen.

Kamek: Oh well, since I'm not in the chair today I guess I don't care.

Kolorado tries to run away but his arms are tied to the chair.

Kolorado: Oof! Um… I seem to be in a spot of trouble.

Pokey: Here comes Roy.

Kamek: You have to say why he's coming!

Pokey: People know.

Kamek: No, they need us to tell them he is going to start the battle! What if he is, I dunno, planning to barbecue?

Pokey: Idiot.

Kamek: Why you- oh, hush now, Roy's going to speak!

Roy: Well, since you're finally finished… let the battle begin!

Hammer Bro: Huh? Wuh? Oh, battle time! Ha!

Boomerang Bro: I'm way ahead of ya! Look I just threw a boomerang!

Kamek: That's right, Boomerang Bro has just thrown a boomerang straight at Mr. Hammer!

Pokey: It misses.

Kamek shakes his head.

Hammer Bro: I hope that wasn't actually your best.

Boomerang Bro: It sure wasn't! I won't lose like I did last time!

Lakitu: Hello! I'm in this battle too!

Birdo: And you can't forgot me! Pfloo!

Pokey: Birdo shoots an egg.

Kamek: But Birdo's aim is way off! She misses Hammer Bro by at least five feet!

Lakitu: Decent, decent. Now see my attack!

Kamek: Wow! Lakitu threw a green Spiny egg straight at Hammer Bro!

Pokey: It bounces off his helmet.

Hammer Bro: Hey! Why are you all attacking me?

Birdo: You're the least cute!

Boomerang Bro: You're the stupidest!

Lakitu: Because- hm, no reason. Hey, how about we, the original followers of Bowser, gang up on Boomerang Bro?

Hammer Bro: Pal, I'm already there!

Kamek: I don't believe it! It looks like Lakitu and Hammer Brother are teaming up to fight Boomerang Bro together! I haven't seen this kind of teamship since-

Pokey: Green Spiny misses.

Boomerang Bro: You cheaters! Birdo, help me out!

Birdo: Sorry! I play alone.

Boomerang Bro: Ooh! Fine, take this!

Pokey: Boomerang Brother fires.

Kamek: It's a lot more than that! Look! Lakitu pushed Hammer Bro to the floor so that the boomerang misses him!

Pokey: Birdo jumps over it.

Kamek: Birdo fires an egg back while she's in the air! Nice acrobatics!

Pokey: Boomerang Bro is hit.

Kamek: He couldn't see it coming! Lakitu was blocking his view of the egg until the last second, when he suddenly flew into the air!

Pokey: Boomerang Bro is knocked into his weapon.

Kamek: He's also knocked out of breath! He's down! That didn't take long!

Hammer Bro: Hoo yeah! This is great!

Lakitu: Not for you though.

Hammer Bro: Huh?

Lakitu: Prepare yourself for this!

Pokey: Hammer Bro jumps off the floor.

Kamek: And he is hit in the helmet by the next of Birdo's eggs! He is forced back down… and here come the Spiny!

Hammer Bro: What the?! No! Noooo!!!

Pokey: …Hammer Brother was engulfed.

Kamek: There you go! That's the most description you've been into so far! Keep it up!

Pokey: Doubt it.

Lakitu: Haha! Oh yeah, now it's time for me to win! It's time to- what the?! YOW!

Kamek: Lakitu flew into the light hanging in the middle of the ceiling! He's taking a fall!

Pokey: In slow motion.

Birdo: YEEEEEesssss!

Lakitu: NooooOooooo!

Birdo: Pffffloooooo…

Lakitu: Geeeeeeaaaaaah!


Kamek: Lakitu is down with egg all over him!

Pokey: It's over.

Kamek: Here comes Roy, probably to announce the results.

Roy: End of battle! Birdo somehow wins.

Pokey: Birdo won.

Kamek: Wow, what an excellent fight! And hey, Larry guessed right too!

Larry: See?!

Kolorado: I am saved!

Roy pushes a button.

Roy: Oops!

Kolorado: Blagadiblagadiblagadiblagadiblagadiblag! End transmission!

Voice: Hey Pokey; should we tell them about the special event next week?

Another Voice: No.

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