The BattleEdit

Roy: Time for another grudge fest!

Audience: Fun.

Hammer Bro: In the Blue Corner, fear Valentina!

Valentina: Grr… where'd Dodo get to?

Hammer Bro: He couldn't afford Roy's modest asking fee. In the Red Corner, applaud for Birdo once again!


Hammer Bro: Time for Larry's analysis!

Larry: Uh, yeah, I think Valentina is going to win today, because she has really powerful magic. Birdo can only spit eggs.

Roy: And, who happens to be sitting in seat 27B60? Oh, is that Rowf?

Rowf: Yes it is! So buy some badges from me! Great deals! For choosing me, I'll give you fifty percent off the price, which unfortunately I have just had to double.

Pokey: Fight.

Hammer Bro: Birdo spits an egg first, but Valentina jumps out of the way and falls to the floor.

Valentina: Where is that useless bird when I need to fly?! Oh well, I can still use my really big wave attack.

Hammer Bro: Valentina sends a wall of water at Birdo, but all it does is clean up some dirt and deflect the next egg!

Valentina: How dare you?!

Hammer Bro: Now Valentina is slapping Birdo around, but that doesn't look like it's having much effect.

Birdo: Hey, that tickles! We're supposed to be battlin', you know.

Valentina: I am battling, you fool!

Birdo: Really? Then how come you're in the corner still?

Valentina: Huh?

Hammer Bro: Oh! Birdo hits Valentina with an egg when she turns around!

Valentina: M- my hair! You ruined my hair! There's all egg in it!

Birdo: I think it's lovely. The guys will come running now.

Booster: No way! Not even I am that crazy!

Valentina: I won't stand here and be humliliated! Ya know what, I just realized I can fly by myself. Stupid Dodo… so long, suckers!

Hammer Bro: Valentina has just flown away! Oh, but I bet she'll be back someday.

Pokey: Stop.

Hammer Bro: But today, Birdo wins and goes on to her third week. Woohoo- hey! If she wins next week, I'll be replaced as announcer! Noo!

Roy: Who will you battle next week, Birdo?

Birdo: I want Burt the Bashful, because he's so cute!

Roy: Done, since he's already a prisoner.

Hammer Bro: Phew! Burt can beat Birdo for sure, no problem! My position is safe.

Roy: And by the way, Rowf?

Rowf: Yeaes?

Roy: It's the electric chair for you!

Rowf: Blagadiblagadiblagadiblagadiblagahh!!! End transmission!

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