Birdo is a character in the Mario series.

Roy's Sports HallEdit

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Here we have a world filled with sideways-walking mushrooms, flying turtles, cute ghosts that only chase you when you're not looking - and this character is considered strange! First seen in Mario 2, according to the manual Birdo is a guy who thinks he's a girl. But after becoming one of the few SMB2 characters to make the leap to other Mario games upon reappearing in Valentina's Castle in SMRPG, that whole gender bender issue seems to have been dropped. In fact, desite featuring a low, raspy voice she seems especially feminine now that she and Yoshi seem to be an item in sports and racing games, where she has lately been playable. Why this pairing should be is hard to say considering she has not been friendly in any major game. In Mario 2 she was a common miniboss; found at the end of most levels, Mario had to throw her eggs back at her or hit her with Mushroom Blocks to knock her out and claim the Crystal Egg that opened the way to the next level. In Super Mario RPG she seemed much more innocent but the eggs she shot from her mouth could still pack a punch. She reappeared in Superstar Saga, where she was actually an important plot element - while it appeared that it was Peach who had her voice stolen, it was actually Birdo in disguise, causing Cackletta's plan to backfire. Despite this one act of helpfulness, she went on to team up with and fight alongside shadow thief Popple, though it was perhaps him who got the worst of it in the end.

Birdo went on an inspiring run in Roy's Sports Hall in Season One, becoming the first Supreme Champion ever, but was defeated by Mack in the finale. In semi-retirement ever since, she returned in Season Four to combat her once-boyfriend Popple but was defeated. She is now back for the Season Ten Tournament, where she is ready to share her love - and her vicious wrath - as the 11 seed. Without recent success and having only been a miniboss, Birdo may not have appeared to be a favorite, but she may be benefitting from some lucky matchups early on. She easily defeated her first round opponent, Unshaven. Her next opponent, Jelectro, has equally low expectations, which isn't to say that Birdo's chances might not still get zapped!


Roy's Sports HallEdit

Season 1Edit

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