Baseball Boy is an enemy from the Yoshi's Island series.

Roy's Sports HallEdit

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1-2, 9

Baseball Boy is a specialized Bandit who has given up his life of crime in favor of the great American pasttime. Always holding either a bat or glove, he was a tricky enemy in Yoshi's Island as he would frequently either hit back or catch and throw eggs, and could not be eaten. He also would hit or pick up and throw any eggs he would come across on the ground. He reached Round Three in the first season of Roy's Sports Hall but was defeated by Birdo. In Season Two he won a match to earn a spot in Round Two before being defeated by Morton, but seemed to go on the DL as he was not seen again for years. After nearly a decade of sitting on the bench, Baseball Boy was drafted back into Season Nine and went on a winning streak, overcoming the L33t Hammer Broz, Bogmire, and Salvo the Slime despite appearing to be the underdog each time. This earned him his second appearance in Round Three, but there he would suddenly enter a slump and was knocked out quickly. Even so, with two strong seasons under his belt he returned for the Season Ten Tournament as Seed 51. He may have drawn a bad matchup, however, since he found himself in the first round against the Millenium Star, to whom he had already lost. History repeared itself, and Baseball Boy was eliminated.


Roy's Sports HallEdit

Season 1Edit

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